software stalling

Jan 9, 2013 at 2:56 AM

When I run your executable download it works fine.

However when I run it from visual studio (using your source code project extracted from the zip), it keeps stalling.

What happens in color mode is the image freezes for a second then moves then freezes then move (randomly freezes for a second or two).

In depth mode this also happens.

It seems it's not the finger tracking algorithm causing it, because it happens in color mode as well as depth mode (click the color button or depth button on your form).

The settings in your project are Smooth:1 Container box reduction:50

margins: all 0, near space:0.05, K 22, Theta 40

The top left has two image boxes the leftmost one shows the color image and the one to the right is always black. The image box to the right of the screen (big image) shows either color or depth image depending on whether I click the color or depth button.

Sometimes it's freezing for 2 seconds sometimes not freezing at all for a second of lots of updates of the screen.

It must be some difference between the executable and source code, I can see the source version has extra options (container box reduction, smooth) and has an extra display box up the top left called depthImage (but it's always black). Since the trackImage does display something when I click on depth or color, so it seems depth is able to work. Just the problem that it keeps freezing.

I don't think it's my CPUs (its a 4 cpu pc), because the executable works fine from your download page just running the source has the freezing problem.

Any suggestions?

Jan 14, 2013 at 6:27 PM

Hello jevan,

If you run the application using Visual Studio it runs much slower due to it adds things for debugging. So, you should compile it, and then run the .exe file directly. This way the program should run smoothly.

Let me know if that helps you :)

Best regards,